Transform Teachers into TimberNook Experts

Bring the magic of TimberNook to life at your school by transforming your teachers into TimberNook experts! We offer training for educators on-location and at TimberNook-certified sites, and will provide ongoing support once you have brought our programming into your school.

Your Journey Begins

Educator training to become TimberNook certified begins with three days of intensive training at one of our locations. For teachers in the U.S., Europe or Canada, this training takes place at TimberNook Headquarters in Barrington, New Hampshire. For teachers in Australia and New Zealand, training takes places at the Hawke’s Bay TimberNook location.

On-Location Training

For the on-location portion of training, we come to your school for a two-day intensive session to ensure strong carryover of the TimberNook philosophy. You’ll have a member of TimberNook’s core team available to provide on-site assistance for a successful launch of TimberNook within your school community!

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

TimberNook proudly partners with Bienenstock Playgrounds to design and create nature-based play spaces for some of our program locations. Bienenstock is transforming the way children play, and we’re thrilled to able to incorporate their innovative, disruptive designs into our outdoor programs.

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