For the Good of the Whole Child

When you choose to become a TimberNook-certified school, you’re choosing to offer students something unique and special that will help them for a lifetime. We offer unwavering support to teachers at TimberNook-certified schools to help you effectively carry forth our mission.

The Support System

As a teacher at a TimberNook-certified school, you will receive:

  • An assigned TimberNook Core Staff Member  
  • Access to the TimberNook for Schools site for the latest information about creating sensory rich environments, related research, tried and true ideas and networking with other TimberNook certified schools
  • New and unique curriculum released every year–you never have to plan for your programs!
  • Ongoing training opportunities (both online and in person) and an operational program manual
  • Annual TimberNook Conferences

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Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds are  passionately dedicated to connecting children to nature. We are thrilled to partner with this globally-recognized agent of landscape design and ingenuity.

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

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