Rapid City, South Dakota

TimberNook Black Hills, South Dakota. – We are excited to bring the first TimberNook in the Upper MidWest to the Black Hills and surrounding area! Children in our TimberNook program will be exploring the beautiful Black Hills at Black Hills Montessori School, located near the Outdoor Campus West. The diverse environment of this area offers climbing rocks, open fields, and streams just waiting to inspire childhood memories.

We are sponsored by Treehouse Gang and Black Hills Pediatric Therapy. We would love to thank our sponsors for making this possible!


Our programs enrich the lives of kids from ages 18 months to 12 years. All programs are nature-based with large sensory experiences interwinted. We strive to offer creative play opportunities that engage the mind and challenge the senses such as flour wars, constructing in mud, and creating forts and shelters. The programs we will be running this year include Tiny Ones (18 mos.-4 yrs.) and Summer Camps. All programing changes from year to year in order to keep up with your child's ever growing creative abilities.

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Timbernook Certified Provider
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Becky Almeida

Email: becky.almeida@timbernook.com

Phone: 605-391-2924

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Available Programs

TimberNook Birthday Parties – TimberNook Black Hills

TimberNook Birthday Parties – TimberNook Black Hills

Ages: N/A

Dates: N/A

Times: N/A

Capacity: 12

Price: $13.00 per child


TimberNook birthday parties offer a unique party experience that engages the mind and challenges the senses. Our birthday parties are tailored to meet the child’s interests and can be anything from a giant foam experience to mud wars or a nighttime tea party. The sky is the limit to what we can create. All are sure to have a blast on this memorable day! Programs may vary based on location.