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This program is all about design and creativity in the wild. Children this week will delight in making their own life-sized vehicles and create elaborate track systems throughout the woods. They will also have plenty of time for classic games & sensory experiences such as bubbles galore and more! This program will inspire hours of creative play! Programs may vary based on location.
Woodland Tinkering - Inspired EC
Program Details:

Tree Forts

Children will be given the opportunity to create tree forts and/or forts in the Bush this week.

Day One: Fort Building.

Children break into small groups and focus is on building their Tree houses and forts.

Day Two: Create pulley and communication system.

Children will be given the opportunity to create a pulley and communication system between forts.

Day Three: Boat Races (sticks, soap).

Children will be given the opportunity to make boats and then race them! Create Soap Boats, stick Boats and Tracks.

Day Four: Defending Territories.

Children will have the opportunity today to defend their Territories Forts and Tree houses.

Day Five: Create Mini Golf Course.

Children will be given the opportunity to create a miniature golf course from scratch, including their clubs using loose parts!

Inspired EC

Woodland Tinkering – Inspired EC

Apr 23 - Apr 23

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 5 - 13

71 Prospect Road Garden Suburb NSW 2289


Timbernook Certified Provider Team Member


Capacity: 30 (30 spots left)

Email or call 024-947-8112 with questions and inquiries.

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