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This program provides innovative learning opportunities through meaningful, child-led play.  Each series fosters essential life skills, inspires creativity, facilitates connection, and integrates advanced cognitive & social emotional skills.  Most importantly, children will create lasting memories for years to come! Programs may vary based on location.
Wild Ones - Wed 26th Jan- Timbernook Hunter Valley
Program Details:

TimberNook Summer School Holiday Program 2022

Wednesday January 26th January


Mondays: TREASURE (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th)

Children will be given the opportunity to participate in an adventurous hunt for lost treasure.

Just like the movie, Goonies, the children will have the opportunity to participate in a fun quest for treasure. Children will challenge their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination as they run through the environment in search of the next clue. They will also work on math, spatial skills, orienteering and problem solving within the day.

Tuesdays: MUD ADVENTURE COURSE (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th)

Tuesday’s theme and play inspiration involves children designing their own adventure course through the mud. They can create their own rules for navigation of the course. Children will be provided with a variety of small and large loose parts to design their own mud adventure course. Childrens’ balance and core muscles will be put to the test as they bend, squat, climb and duck their way through the course.

Wednesdays: MUDDY WARRIORS (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th)

Children will prepare for battle in a messy, muddy warrior training course! They will have the opportunity to design and create swords, shields, and wizard staffs. Children can create a muddy obstacle course where they can practice their warrior skills. Children engage their whole brain when they craft something new out of raw materials. They will work on agility and endurance as they run through their course.

Thursdays: MUD GLADIATORS  (6th, 13th, 20th, 27th)

Children will experience a classic TimberNook favourite, Mud Gladiator Jousting. They will have the opportunity to create their own gladiator arena and develop their own code of conduct. When children combine balancing with jousting, their gross motor skills will be put to the test. Children will need to communicate their own boundaries and ensure they have consent from others as they engage in jousting. Creating the arena and the jousting sticks will require good problem-solving and planning with materials.

Fridays: PRIMAL PAINTING  (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th)

Children will start off the day playing a game of stuck in the mud! Then they will choose games of their choice for a Mud Olympics, they can choose from Mud Soccer, Muddy Tug of War, Three Legged Race through mud or Muddy Volleyball! Playing the mud games will focus on teamwork, strategy, and problem solving while providing a whole-body tactile experience.

Children will have the opportunity to build forts from large loose parts and embellish their forts using natural paints to make their shelters more visible to rescuers. After a few rounds of Capture the Flag children will be offered a flag-making experience, creating and displaying signal flags.

Please note,


TimberNook Hunter Valley is an all-weather program. Having said that, in the event of dangerous weather (high winds, lightning) the program will be cancelled. Families will be provided with as much notice as reasonably possible and will be offered a credit for the cancelled session. Please be advised that if you wish to cancel your session, you need to provide as much notice as possible. If we can fill your place, a refund will be issued. Please note that refunds will incur a 10% admin fee.


With the restrictions from COVID-19 and Services NSW please read all covid information sent in the welcome email as it will be updated regularly.

We will have a hand washing station and hand sanitiser on site.

If your child, or any of your family are ill with a cold or flu-like symptoms (or any other illness), you must stay home.

We do accept the Service NSW Creative Kids Voucher if your child is enrolled at school. If you wish to use a CREATIVE KIDS voucher, you are required to complete your registration and payment in full. Then, please email to request to use your Creative Kids Voucher. You need to provide the voucher number and your child’s name, date of birth and date of booking/s. You do need to book for a minimum of two days. Once you have sent your details through, we will apply your creative kids voucher to your booking and refund you the $100 **please note that we only accept Creative Kids, not Active Kids vouchers**

To ensure the safety of all, we choose to be NUT-FREE at TimberNook Hunter Valley. Your help in providing a nut-free zone will assist those parents/carers with children who may have a life threatening reaction.

Directions and Parking:

We are located on the grounds of Tocal Homestead: 957 Tocal Road, Paterson. Follow the TimberNook signs to arrive at the carpark. Our meeting point is an undercover picnic area at the small gate to the left of the Information Centre. Meeting time is 8:45am. From here you can sign in and have your child’s temperature taken for our COVID safe regulations. When navigating to TimberNook HV, use either Waze or Google Maps apps on your phone. When using the iPhone maps navigation, it will take you past Tocal Homestead and into Paterson. If you find yourself in Paterson, just turn around and come back towards Maitland and look for the white picket fence on your right hand side this time. If you get lost, please don’t hesitate to call (0422 527 549)


Email us with any questions:

Timbernook Hunter Valley

Wild Ones – Wed 26th Jan- Timbernook Hunter Valley

Jan 26 - Jan 26

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 5 - 13

957 Tocal Road, Paterson


Timbernook Certified Provider

Felicity McElevey

Capacity: 24 (24 spots left)

Email or call 042-252-7549 with questions and inquiries.

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