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Each series of the Wild Ones program will focus on a different theme with new adventures that ignite the senses, challenge the mind and foster a sense of community. Children will engage in a multitude of fun and challenging activities, including creating an adventure playground, learning about the properties of physics, and using their new outdoor skills to locate buried treasure and build pirate traps with their mates! They’ll also get plenty of time to learn about the natural world, cook over an open fire, play and create their own little world in the woods with friends. Programs may vary based on location.
Wild Ones - TimberNook of Central Pennsylvania
Program Details:

Crazy Maze! Today’s adventure will have our wild ones constructing mazes through the forest.  Natural elements of the woods, as well as a variety of loose parts will inspire creative engineering opportunities as the children create a labyrinth to challenge their friends.  Today’s experience will challenge both body and mind!

This is an outdoor program. Appropriate dress for the weather is required.


TimberNook of Central Pennsylvania

Wild Ones – TimberNook of Central Pennsylvania

Dec 7 - Dec 7

Times: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Ages: 6 - 12

3030 Carnegie Drive, State College PA 16803


Timbernook Certified Provider

Sue Ashead

Email or call 814-808-5465 with questions and inquiries.

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