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This program provides innovative learning opportunities through meaningful, child-led play.  Each series fosters essential life skills, inspires creativity, facilitates connection, and integrates advanced cognitive & social emotional skills.  Most importantly, children will create lasting memories for years to come! Programs may vary based on location.
Wild Ones (School Holidays) - Friday 15th July
Program Details:

Each day of the Indiana Jones series will begin with breaking codes, completing challenges and finding treasure. In addition, opportunities throughout the day will be presented to inspire children’s creativity and free-flow play:

-creating slingshots and hats

-making satchels to collect tokens

-designing and building obstacle courses

-creating tunnels, secret entries, mazes and forbidden temples

Motor skills: children will build strength in their whole body as they haul loose parts. Crawling through tunnels and small spaces strengthens their upper body and the core as well as promoting bilateral coordination. Children will work on motor control as they maneuver their slingshots to knock over targets. They will challenge their gross motor skills of balance and coordination as they run around in search of clues.

Sensory integration: Children will learn how to control the amount of force they use and the effect that has on objects when they experiment with slingshots. Children will experience diverse tactile experiences as they manipulate rope, branches, tarps, planks and fabrics when creating structures.

Social skills: children practice listening to peers’ ideas, requesting materials and assistance from peers, and sharing details about their creation with the group.

Cognitive skills: Creating tunnels and forts is a creative, team-building activity. Children come up with their own ideas, collaborate with others, and then execute ideas as a group, which inspires higher-level creativity, advanced design and problem-solving skills. Children will solve clues, collaborate with others, and then execute ideas as a group.

Each day will usually involve the following (weather permitting):

-team building games

-nature hike

-campfire building / campfire cooking

Children coming to multiple days can choose to be involved in something different to the previous day they attended, as there is a wide variety of choices.

Timbernook Hunter Valley

Wild Ones (School Holidays) – Friday 15th July

Jul 15 - Jul 15

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 5 - 13

957 Tocal Road, Paterson, NSW, 2421


Timbernook Certified Provider

Felicity McElevey

Capacity: 26 (24 spots left)

Email [email protected] or call 042-252-7549 with questions and inquiries.

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