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Each series of the Wild Ones program will focus on a different theme with new adventures that ignite the senses, challenge the mind and foster a sense of community. Children will engage in a multitude of fun and challenging activities, including creating an adventure playground, learning about the properties of physics, and using their new outdoor skills to locate buried treasure and build pirate traps with their mates! They’ll also get plenty of time to learn about the natural world, cook over an open fire, play and create their own little world in the woods with friends. Programs may vary based on location.
Little Wild Ones - Inspired EC
Program Details:

School Holiday Programs – 16th July 2019

join us for a day or week of adventure, play and outdoor fun during the July school holidays

Create a village equipped with homes, shops, and a hospital in the woods. Form tribes, councils, trading posts, and a greater sense of community. In this five day survival series, children will learn wilderness skills in these “larger than life” play experiences, while creating lasting memories. They will also have plenty of time for free play, making new friends, and cooking over an open fire.

TimberNook Garden Suburb is now affering extended hours to those in need of drop off before or after work all inquiries or interests email

Inspired EC

Little Wild Ones – Inspired EC

Jul 16 - Jul 16

Times: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Ages: 7 - 12

71 Prospect Road, Garden Suburb NSW 2290


Timbernook Certified Provider

Tash Treveton

Capacity: 25 (4 spots left)

Email or call 024-947-8112 with questions and inquiries.

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