Our Team

TimberNook was never planned, but grew organically. You could say that our team has grown and blossomed in the same way. TimberNook programs are a reflection of this team’s ideas, thoughts, values, and gifts. Together we support the ever-growing network of TimberNook providers to offer programming that transforms the children of today.

Meet Our Team

Elyse Bachrach
Communications Manager

In addition to her extensive marketing and PR background, Elyse has three "TimberNook kids."

Steve Renner
Program Coordinator

Steve is a primary TimberNook program designer and trainer. He brings years of experience as a father, wildlife ecologist, and science educator to TimberNook.

Wendy Pirie
Australasia Program Director

Wendy is the first International director of TimberNook! She oversees all New Zealand and Australian operations.

Molly Wilson
Training Coordinator

Molly is a pediatric occupational therapist that loves welcoming new providers to the team. She facilitates and organizes all training operations and TimberNook conferences.

Kate Milne
Director of Provider Relations

Kate brings over 29 years of early childhood education and training experience to the team.

Millissa Gass

Millissa has a rare talent for capturing the most magical moments here at TimberNook.

Scot Villeneuve
Marketing and Website

Scot coordinates print, web and social media marketing efforts.

Kellie Barr-Foster
Lead Teacher

An avid rock-climber, mother, and early childhood educator with over 25 years experience in the field.